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Have you imagined anytime of how we can allocate players to a game room created in a battle royale game ?

For people who are new to the term battle royale, its a competitive game where 100 people either solo or teaming up duo or 4 player squad, compete in a place with a time limit or a closing circle for survival.

Before getting into concepts, let me show you a picture below .

There are 4 things that make C a potential language for programming begginers .

  • C is used to implement fundamental theories of Computer Science like Memory management (Primary,Secondary and Cache), Process Management (Process and Threads), Operating Systems (Kernel and System Software), Networks (L2 and L3 layers of Network Protocols) and I/O drivers are build using C language.
  • C is a Middle level language which explains that it can posses both the features of high level languages in terms of functional programming, procedural programming, structures to encapsulate data as well as it can be used to program operating systems for computers…

You might heared about singleton set in Mathematics, sometimes called as Unit set, its nature is that it conatins only a single element in its set.

For example:- take a look at the set {null}, it conatins only the element null in its set so it can be termed as a singleton.

And also Singleton set is the only set in category of sets to be a ‘Terminal Object’. Terminal Object in sense can be mentioned as ‘Final’.

You know, why we call it a Final ?

It because a set A{X} has ‘X’ as its single element which is mapped to its set ‘A’, lets pass set A…

Interesting_Usages_ of_UNDERSCORE _in_SCALA

“ While learning Scala i came through _ underscore symbol and found initialy hard to understand its syntax but when i found its usage ,i realy amazed how handy it is and how helpful in easing a solution using Scala. ”

1.Pattern Matching

The pattern matching is similar to “Switch case” in any language but bit more powerful in case of usage.

You see, we have defined the matchTest Method to accept “any data type” as input value and as return value. In Scala, each selector will be matched with the patterns in the order they appear and the first match will…

“ fat tree ,a topology, which the data center hierarchy constructed on”

As you see from the above picture .

A data center has 3 layers.

1.Core layer

2.Aggregation layer

3.Edge layer

We can construct these layer with a help of a Topology which in graphs called a ‘fat tree’.

let K=4 ,

i e :- each switch has 4 ports.

Refer the above picture for the calculation done in the following steps.


K is called ‘pods’. Pods=K=4.

apply in formula , (k/2)²=core switches.

(4/2)²= 4 core switches.


Calculate switches for ‘pods’

Aggregation switches follows K/2=4/2=2 Aggregation layer switches.

Edge Switches follows K/2=4/2=2 Edge layer switches.


Edge Switches connected to their HOST/SERVER with a…

Marginal Cost … Pretty alien word ,if your an Engineer. I have this subject called Accounting and Finance which i’m studying in My 7th semester of Computer Science Engineering…. I came across this Topic called Marginal Cost.

Which is ,let me give you an example.

Production__________ cost
100 units ______|____ 500$
99 units _______|____500$-5$=495$ #here 5$ is your depreciation
Now suddenly your company starts producing one unit extra…. What Happens?

101 units______|____500$+5$=505$ #production cost goes up right
so here that 5$ is what you call the marginal cost.

Thus Production volume change is related to aggregated costs.


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